Fehr-Calhoun Bowler’s Corral
3363 Westbourne Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45248
(513) 598-1411


Fehr-Calhoun Bowler’s Corral

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Fehr-Calhoun Bowler’s Corral has been serving the Cincinnati area since 1986. With over 75 years combined experience, we specialize in bowling ball fitting and drilling while providing excellent customer service and education about the game of bowling.  Please visit the Pro Staff page for more information on our staff of professionals.

With more than 75 different bowling balls, we offer more variety and choices for your bowling needs. We carry a wide variety of bowling bags from various manufacturers.  We also carry the world’s best bowling shoes from Linds and Dexter. Please browse the Equipment section to view our selection.

At Fehr-Calhoun, the bowler receives excellent attention and the perfect fit. 

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